Monday, 17 December 2018

After reading - SHERLOCK THE SIGN OF THREE - How main characters have changed one year later

John and Mary have a girl and spend happy life.  John is busy for work and is out of house frequently.  Mary is also busy for taking care of the girl, but she understands John’s job and their relationship remains good.

Janie has not gotten married yet.  She has met many men, but has not been interested in them.  She sometimes meets Sherlock and enjoyed talking with him at John’s house.  She has been waiting for his offer of date.

Jonathan Small has been in prison and sometimes writes letters to Bainbridge and Sholto to make apologies to them.  Sholto received the letters from Small, but he has never replied to Small.  In the meantime, he looked back at the fight in Afghanistan and recalled Small’s brother.  He decided to visit the grave soon.

Sherlock has been busy to solve many crimes.  He sometimes works with John and sometimes works alone.  When he visits John’s house, he looks forward to talking with Janine.  When she is not available, he looks very disappointed.  John and Mary believe he begins to love her, but Sherlock does not realize it at all.

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