Thursday, 13 December 2018

Yokohama - city profile for visitors


Yokohama city is full of interesting places to visit. Minato-mirai town is a beautiful area. It has very beautiful views at night. If you want to see modern Yokohama city, then go to Sakuragi town. There are lots of new offices, shops, restaurants.


Yokohama Market is a busy area with lots of shopping malls. Yokohama station & Sakuragi station are fashionable shopping areas with designer stores like Bulgari and Gucci.


Famous food in Yokohama are Shumai sweets. There are many shops in Yokohama & various things can be eaten eg a shop called "Kyoken". This area is famous for its pancakes.

Getting around

Transport in Yokohama is great but expensive. Taxis are always busy so you need to spend a lot more than in Matsumoto.

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