Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy Birthday Tana

Birthday best wishes for Tana today, who isn't 23 anymore!

This time last year she was in a queue at the Japanese Embassy in South Africa trying to get her visa sorted out before flying over to join us. Besides celebrating her birthday, I am delighted to report she has also recently signed a new contract to keep her with us for another year at least. I am sure everyone will be glad to hear that and want to congratulate me on managing to keep a good teacher?!

Unfortunately, the weather didn't co-operate last weekend so her party/BBQ was called off...I am sure Tana will come up with Plan B soon, and we eventually sing "Happy Birthday" for her.

Congrats Tana from all of us - Yuki, Hijiri, Tomoko, Iinuma, Jim, and all your students.