Friday, 19 September 2008

A soldier return from Iraq came to Matsumoto

I went to M-wing on Sep.8th to listen to the precious experience of an American soldier who went to Iraq war.His name is Ash Woolson. He joined the army as a state soldier (in the National Guard) to cover his school tuition, but one day, he got called up for the Iraq War. It was difficult for him to accept it, but he had to go the battlefield.
The Iraq war experience attacked his mind. It was so difficult to talk about what happened and what he saw there. I was shocked to hear the fact that a soldier who has been to war, can never be the same person they were before.
Now he is traveling and telling his story in Japan. Talking through his experiences and his feelings make him sad...exhausted; but he does it for world peace.
Here is the speech in ENGLISH and JAPANESE.


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