Friday, 5 November 2010

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot: plasticine, glue, and snacks

What are you making? What are you doing? I must remember to keep the plasticine in a warm place during the winter, or we'll end up with house bricks for toys...was jolly hard getting the stuff up to a workable temperature this morning. Snow on the mountain tops a telling sign that we need extra layers & warm slippers now.

Now, a pet moan: I don't get the whole Hallowe'en kerfuffle. It's an American import at best. Only good if you happen to know where all the student nurses are going to be partying. Guy Fawkes? Now there's a proper story you can work with! Head, shoulders, knees and toes (all ended up in separate places). Head bone connected to the, neck bone etc. Admittedly did cannibalise some Hallowe'en material, but the fun was in trying not to cut off toes or knees as we re-built our skeletons and glued them together for a Bonfire Night collage.

Left-handed scissors are essential (for lefties!) and can be found even in Japan now - like the Catholics, olden time Japan had a thing for converting southpaws into ortodox righties.

Fortunately, fish are ambidextrous (?!), though they are sensitive to having their heads squashed in a bucket - less so than a tank full of gunky slime though. We retraced our 'neighbourhood shops' walk to get some 'magic water' and a new filter. Ugh! Fish poo stinks, but not as much as the prices in Starbucks (our pre-schoolies were demanding we stop in for a coffee break!)

Your challenge with the picture right is to decide what interaction is taking place, and what language structures should be used! how do you think this is going to end?

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