Friday, 5 November 2010

Interesting talk about Iraq - Nov 14th Matsumoto

Dr. Lika’a Alkazayer, a pediatric oncologist  from Iraq, now studying and working at Shinshu University, will be giving a presentation describing the situation “on the ground” there.

Dr. Lika’a resisted leaving Iraq because she wanted to help her patients, but after several people she knew were murdered, and she was told that she would be next, she accepted an invitation to do research here in Japan.

She will be presenting a slide show and talk, in English with Japanese translation at Ohte Kominkan in Matsumoto, on Sunday the 14th of November from 2:00 PM. There will be tea and some Iraqi food served,
and there is an attendance fee of Y500.

Ohte Kominkan is just south of Matsumoto Castle, just behind the Tourist Information Center, which is only about 50 meters from the south entrance to the castle.

I was sent this info in an email and am posting here because the topic looks very interesting & worthy. I hope some of you will go along?