Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Karaoke Kids corner & Floppy Spine Syndrome

I get exasperated with slouchers - some classes are just chronic! Can't stand up without leaning on the table or hanging on a chair, worse feet on the walls or getting in each others space. Floppy spine syndrome tends to coincide with mumble central.

Clever K did not want to sing any more than the other boys. However, displaying considerable courage (he was new today!) he took the mic...and then very sensibly shoved it into Rui's face when the music started! Excellent chutzpa, and you can see it clearly worked :)

Why the mic? Find it makes children (and adults) anticipate their turn better... it doesn't have to be hooked up to anything! Japan did invent the hollow orchestra phenomenon, so reap the whirlwind kids!

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