Friday, 11 February 2011

Pirate Adventure - young readers

The whole point about encouraging younger learners to read is, contradictorily, not making them read out loud. If they want to, well, absolutely and go for it with bells on! I mean, do you read as a group? I usually read in the bath, and I would be seriously less relaxed & likely to enjoy my peaceful page-turning if was not in there alone. Company in the bath can be fun, don't get me wrong there either! But a good book? That's a solo effort usually :)

However, I have a powerful class of lads every Wednesday, and they literally munch their way through the OUP Story Tree series - it can't get 'hard' enough quickly enough for them. These chaps do like to make a noise, and they like to rib each other. Peer abuse, in small doses, can be a teacher's best bit of help!

This short podcast features an unedited team reading of the green level book, Pirate Adventure. The boys did rock/scissors/paper to decide who would read the boys' parts, the girls' parts, and the pirates' parts. Doing this 'live' is hard - you have to scan ahead to see who the direct speech is ascribed to - and this is a very difficult thing to do if you are reading in a second language/unused to seeing direct speech/performing. So, before we recorded I asked them to quickly re-read their books and circle 'their' bits in a colour pencil.

All set? Please sit comfortably, and enjoy this live reading. NB Recorded in the classroom!

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Pirate Adventure - young readers

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