Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Say a little prayer, please

Location map of New ZealandImage via WikipediaWould all of our Luna family mind saying a little prayer for our former teacher Phil, and his family in New Zealand? As you will know from the news by now, Christchurch has been flattened and scores of people killed & seriously injured.

Phil's hometown, Lyttleton, has apparently also suffered severe damage. Our thoughts are with you Phil; we hope you are all safe & sound.

I also hope the school group from Toyama is rescued from their traumatic experience quickly.

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jim said...

Hi jim! Thanks for your thoughts & consideration. Everyone in family is ok and accounted for. However many people including jpnse esol students trapped in collapsed buildings in christchurch. Hope all is well @ luna! I will send you longer e-mail when power is restored. Kind regards, phil