Friday, 18 February 2011

Time to sink in

 It has been ages since we played My First Scrabble - mostly because we couldn't find the boxes!

What a difference a couple of months make! Last time we had tantrums and 'can't do it/won't do it' shenanigans - snatching, pushing, and hiding tiles.

We also had the rawest guesses about the words we were making, Hinata especially literally flew through the words, choosing the correct letters regularly and begging for the next card! Sota hasn't been with us as long, but he too was putting sounds in order to solve the puzzles.

As you can see, the puzzle is colour coded, matching the tiles required. This makes scanning 26 letters much less challenging - the tiles are still in order so players get used to the run of letters without having to start at the beginning again, every time they look up. Finding a /t/ sound from 5 orange letters is much more manageable than rummaging a jumble of the entire alphabet. And the children were matching sounds to letters, saying the words suggested by the picture prompts, rather than relying on the names of the letters. A subtle but important difference!