Friday, 15 July 2011

The Long Road - Terry Fox

The official Terry Fox memorial statue at Thun...Image via WikipediaWhere does Terry's "Marathon of Hope" start?
  • Terry's ''Marathon of hope'' started at St.John's in Newfoundland in Canada, on April 12, 1980.
Where does the marathon finish?
  • The marathon finishes at Port Renfrew in British Columbia, 5,300 miles away ( 8,530km)
Why does Terry run the marathon?
  • He runs the marathon to get money and to stop his pain from the cancer. Now he has an artificial leg.
Why does he stop?
  • He stops at Thunder Bay in Ontario because he has a bad pain in his lung.
When is the first Terry Fox Run?

  • The first Terry Fox Run is in week three of September, 1981. It brings $3,500,000 to the fight with cancer. Today , there are Terry Fox Runs around the world

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