Monday, 18 July 2011

Word Trek - phonics game

I dug up an old game ("Word Trek" from Early Learning Centre)I've not used for a while yesterday, and my girls had a lot of success with it. Taking random cards, with common object pictured on them, the challenge is to find the two halves of the words by moving around tiles on the board. The dice only goes up to three, so a bit of strategy is required.

We played the 'harder' version, with long vowel sounds, which is just right for the work we are doing in class. After we got started there was not much need for me to get involved, other than repeating how words were pronounced. I didn't correct mistakes - they could check once they thought they had the word spelt out. Correct, move on to the next word. Wrong, start again (next time I think we'll change the card and start again).