Saturday, 23 July 2011

Who held Havelange's gongs, Nagano 1998?

Before Jim could join the evening's social event - the nomihodai at the beer garden with some of our adult friends and students, he was soundly thrashed at Scrabble by Misaki-chan. Looks like we'll need a bigger table next time? Well done Misaki, but please remember to give your brain recovery time as well (not from the game, from your exams swotting).

As for the beer garden, it looks like they have changed their employment policies, and gone for the oldest, slowest, most hassled looking snaggleteeth they could's very awkward drinking against the clock on a hot evening with every intention on enjoying yourself when you feel bad asking someone's granny to hurry up with those beers you ordered ten minutes ago, and feeling even worse when she does eventually totter along and they look like lead weights for her to carry - and they're only half-full. What do you do?!

Well, make the best of it and deploy several 'waitresses' with multiple orders, and snag any stray beers on the way past as well, just in case. By the way, I can't see why we 'have to' order food to qualify for the beer. First of all, it's crap food. Second, if I wanted food I'd go to a food garden, not a beer garden. Shoe shops don't make you buy socks, do they? Whinge, whinge, Jim?

They tried to overcharge us! They tried to throw us out 40 minutes early (and our first order took 15 minutes to arrive! The oyaji owner bowed at who? Jim booked the table! Snarl!

The beer, when it arrived, was cold enough and easy to finish (as the glasses were not full!) we soon discovered Nunung's secret occupation, Naomi's secrets, Yumi's secrets, Tomoko's secrets, the colour of Simon's underwear...and absolutely nothing about Swedish girls hitch hiking in Australia :)

We must do this again soon (different location, perhaps?) - before Bon Bon we hope!

*Answer to the title question = Yumi, delivered all the Gold medals during the Winter Olympics on a cushion for President Crook.

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