Friday, 11 November 2011

Days of the Week

It's not easy finding a way for students to practice using the names of the days of the week, especially if they are not very strong or insist on working in their mother tongue/count on fingers or have to start at Sunday with the popular chant - rather slow ways to get to a high frequency word. Problem with teaching English always have your class on the same day! You will only ever get one answer to "What day is it today?" and you'd look a bit daft if you kept asking the same question every week.

I have no idea where we inherited this old "Days of the Week" boardgame from, but it does a job. I wanted my lot to sight read the days as the moved around the board, collecting seven pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to win. With the days 'in order' it is still possible to drill from a common starting point, but I really prefer not to do that as soon as we can move away from rote into random access. Much more useful memory file!

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