Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My favourite place

There are many places that I love: bathroom where I can alleviate my strain; bed with its warm blanket folds me; mountains which I can feel a sense of achievement from my heart. All these places are special for me, but there is one place that I love most where I travel to every day - living room.

It's always tiday and smells like my dog. This makes me relax. It has two tables. One is for eating delicious meals. The other is a table for having a cup of tea and playing card games with my family. Of course, there is another thing that I like about the living room. It's the theater. I can enjoy the cinema in my living room whenever I want.

It's a place where I can spend my free time relaxing calmly, and where I can be reassured. There is always a person who I can talk to when I am bored. It;s a place where I can go to when I need help!

Posted for Takuro (12)
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