Monday, 7 November 2011

Examiner Professional Development in Tokyo

A quick posting to say thank you to our examiners who made themselves available to top up their training this weekend in Tokyo, and to thank OUP for their generosity in letting us use their new office space/various bits of malfunctioning equipment (glad it isn't just me to have issues with decaying laptops, speakers that don't work etc!) Thank you Kayoko for looking after us!

Our team will be busy later this month and in December, so the work this weekend was to make sure our examiners are properly up to speed and competent with the sometimes tricky materials. The interlocutor (person delivering the test to candidates) has a lot to do (and look in complete control):
  • stick exactly to the script
  • manage the time candidates speak
  • assess the candidates' performances
  • make sure both candidates get an equal opportunity to speak
  • have  the 'next' materials ready
  • respond, if necessary, to candidates/problems
  • interrupt or redirect candidates
Easy? If you think you can do it, get in touch!