Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Careful - hungry readers at work!

Everything I can chuck at my strong readers class they are catching at the moment. I am really thrilled with the processing they are doing.

A penny dropped in class last week  when we started a new unit in our text book and it was "easy"...we've already done this ie "stupid teacher!"

Nya ha! Different past simple verb /ed/ ending sounds locked and loaded in our heads, thank you very much. Let's move on, nothing to see here!

Irregular past tense verbs? That's not hard either, we bagged a bunch of them playing that 'mining the book' challenge thing two weeks ago! Felt like a zoo keeper throwing chunks of red meat at hungry tigers!

What I particularly enjoy seeing now is students flipping (not the teacher!) but their books - racing into text to find the answers they know are in there somewhere. Not so long ago they would not venture out of their depth; now they are leaping into the literarary deep end :)

My teaching life made very easy with confident, competitive, collaborative readers. Now we can really push the boat out :)

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