Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ayane's lego comic

This was Ayane's first story using lego comic builder. The aim was to re-use direct speech from her last graded reader (OUP Story Tree "The Red Planet") to provide the narrative.

As with Hibiki's story (below), she was sidetracked rather a lot by the giggles to be had manipulating the comic, instead of being able to throw in lots of English. Next time, I hope!

The key though, was finding a medium where we could recycle vocabulary & phrases and use them meaningfully and memorably. Nothing more enjoyable then than building your own story - so, job done.

I did not get involved with production, as her aunt Keiko is PC literate & did this as a team. They did brainstorm the story though this was in Japanese...not main aim of the lesson afterall.