Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday school

  • 8:15~8:35       Reading books
  • 8:50~9:35      Math, multiply     First we do some questions. Then we make a tick.
  • 9:40~10:25    Music, singing    We sing a song, but there's people who don't sing! So the teacher always gets angry.
  • 10:25~10:50   Playtime
  • 10:55~12:30  Art, 12 years after we do "paintings". First you draw a face about 12 years after. Then  you do the painting.
  • 12:35~12:50   Ready for lunch.
  • 12:55~1:10     Lunch.
  • 1:25~1:50      Cleaning the school.
  • 2:05~2:50      Sports, Pool. First we do the warming up. Then we get in to the pool. If  its hot its very nice, but if its cold , the water is freezing.
  • 2:55~3:05      Ready for home time. 
  • 3:10               Home time   Good bye!
                 Mr.T's ideal Monday schedule (age 12)


  1. In primary school?
    I want to get into a pool.

  2. hey Tom,

    I was worried you would make your entire schedule sports!Well done for coming up with a good balance - and congrats on passing KET at your first attempt. I'm very proud of you :)



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