Friday, 27 July 2012

Postacard from Faifai Beach, Guam

To Jim

We enjoy GUAM!! We stay P.I.C. Hotel.
This hotel has many attraction pools.
Today we swimed in the pool and sea. That was fun :)

I talks to hotel staff, shop assistant a lot. I can hear and speak English before I attend LUNA! I am very happy!!
Thank you Jim sensei!!

Guam's restaurant meal is yummy. But it's too much for me. We ate Vietnamese food at dunner. We share 1 plate meal. I'm tummyache now and I can't sleep!! Oh no!! I need medicine > *o* <

I love GUAM and Cocoro loves GUAM! Yeah!
See you next Monday.

From Maiko

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jim said...


Thank you for the lovely postcard; I am really jealous of you playing in the swimming pools - it is too hot here!

Ha ha you ate too much Vietnamese food (it is delicious, isn't it?) and got a tummyache - we will play that game next week with the girls to help you remember :)

Have a safe trip back

Jim xxx