Friday, 31 August 2012

My Olympic hero - Sayaka Sato

In this Olympics, Sayaka Sato (Badminton woman's singles player) inspired me. It was the first Olympics participation for her. And she advanced to the final tournament. 

The first round, she played a game with a Danish player, and in that time she led a point.
But suddenly an accident attacked her. When she did receiving, she was wounded in the left foot. She fell down by an acute pain, but she was going to continue playing the game.

However, unfortunately she had to renounce the game. 
Badminton snowballs
Badminton snowballs (Photo credit: ijiwaru jimbo)

When she was going to leave the court, all spectators sent warm applause to her and her tears. I was impressed by her unyielding mind.

I hope she participate in the next Olympic and hope that we can watch her smile next time.