Sunday, 23 December 2012

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Who's that?Jim's favourite AnnaAiri's mumSanta scrumMiki-chanSanta smorgasbord
Primary coloursHinata's certMichael's egg nogNaomi pic - beforeI can jump...Super Starter Masa
With Michael & Jim senseiNaomi pic - afterSee you SantaOur special guest...Pulling mussels from a shellKids in the bath
Colouring frenzyBig Red ElfXmas_gig 026Naomi explainsXmas party 101Airi colours

A very hot edit of the fun and games we had this afternoon at Luna! If you have your own photos, please do share them with us here, on Facebook or on Flickr!

A massive party which we must say thank you to Sho, Naomi, Misuzu & Michael for making things go so well. Backstage Mayumi got us out of jail, and Yukari was unbelievably strong. Thank you so much. Oh, Father Christmas too - good job, big guy!

Children - you were very good today and we all had a lot of fun with you! Thank you for being so well behaved, and to the bigger ones for looking after the smaller ones!

We especially love seeing old friends come back - you know who you are...really makes us feel that we are 'a family'. Mums who were once students are starting to make @oyajim feel old - but also really proud that you trust us to teach your children.

We are now talking a break for the holidays - classes start again January 7th. If you don't have enough homework, make your own and show us!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas - whichever way you celebrate the holiday all the very best from us xxxx