Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Adventure Capital of the World - review

The book I read title is "The Adventure Capital of the World".

In this book, it tells you about extreme activities in New Zealand. The activities are bungee jumping, jetboat, helicopter and hiking. I would like to do the jetboat and the bungee jumping, because the jetboat looks so fast, and it's cool! I love fast boats. Bungee jumping looks fun! I think it's very fightening and scary. You might think that you flew in the sky!

I will be in Queenstown for a week. I will do bungee jumping, ride a jetboat, get on the helicopter and skydive.

I would like to go to a farm. On the farm, I'd like to ride a horse, feed the animals, milk the cows and eat steak.

I would like to go to New Zealand when I get bigger.


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