Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My kid brother as a Super Hero!

As a diversion from the brain melting 37 degree heat we've enjoyed today, I asked Kanro to imagine himself as a Super Hero. Ever modest, he declined, but when asked to cast his kid brother in the role, things got a bit more interesting.

Here is a transcript of our interview.

Your brother is a Super Hero, I hear. What should the world call him?
You can call him Mouse Boy.

I hear he is pretty scary to look at. Is that true?
It is ture that he looks unusual and wierd but not scary in my opinion.

Does he leave fur around the house?
Yes he does. The house always get dirty with it.

How does he get on with your labrador?
They get on well with each other. They sleep on the same sofa every night and play together in our garden.

Tell us about his alias, please.
It is Alex Cabbage, and he works in the local seven eleven as a convenience store clerk and he even wears the uniform.

He wasn't wearing that uniform when we saw him on CCTV last week rescueing those climbers in the Alps...
He quickly changed into his costume and saved them. The costme consists of green mask and a blue ring which gives him powers.

Powers? Like what?
He gets the power to dig holes underground and become really tiny.  

And then what does he do? 
He will go to the place where someone needs help like he was shot from a catapult.

Very interesting! I hear he doesn't live in Japan? 
No, he lives in Turkey, because he likes to swim in the Black Sea. However, he will come to help even in Japan, beacause of the time difference and he loves udon.

Do you ever get jealous of his fame, good looks and success with the girls?
It is a little difficult to answer that question, though I sometimes feel blue.