Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Grace Darling - difficult choices

I read Grace Darling in June, and here is my answer to After Reading #4.

If I have to choose four people, I would save…

A mother and her young child, because young child is not physically strong to spend long time in the ocean.
A doctor (older woman), because she is able to take care of the sick people after she goes to the lighthouse.
A nurse (young man), because I need someone to row my boat together. He would be able to row back to save other people.
A teacher (older woman), because older woman is not physically strong enough comparing to man or young woman.

I imagined it was very difficult to made the right decision in the limited time frame. But William and Grace were really brave and able to save as many people as they could.

I was really impressed by the Grace’s word, “Think of those poor people, alone on that rock. We live on a lighthouse – it’s our job!”. I am working at a company, but I want to think about what I can do for the people as a job.

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