Friday, 5 July 2013

Red Dog

After reading #2&3

1. A worker at Hamersley Iron: ‘This new girl, Nancy, gets on the bus and sits down on the seat behind the driver, where Red always sits. Red didn't like that at all! First he shows his teeth and then he tries to push her off the seat. We were all laughing.'

2. Patsy: ' It was difficult getting the claws out, but luckily they didn't hit anything important. He's a strong dog, and I think he'll be fine. Next week he'll probably be at a barbecue stealing somebody's burgers and eating them!'

3. Mrs. Cribbage:' here’s that dog again, visiting people in the caravans. I don't like it. this is my park, and I live here. He'll try and chase me, like all dogs do. When he does, I'll use my bullets on his nose. That'll teach him a lesson...'

4. Nancy: 'Don't worry, I know what to do. I'll show this letter to everyone, and tomorrow morning everyone will drive their cars and part in a circle aound Mr. Cribbage's truck. Then he won't be able to pull your caravan away.'