Saturday, 13 June 2015

After reading - My homestay life in London (Part 3)

English: One mile to the Animal hospital Bridl...
Going for a stroll in the British coutnryside
Day 3.

Today I had a lot of walk around with Daniel. His family had a dog and he loved the dog named Patrash very much. It's his important role to take a walk with Patrash every afternoon. he is an important friend for Daniel.
He said he loved to watch the TV program about wildlife like Animal Hospital. It was the house of sick animals and unwanted or homeless animals.
Danial's parent brought Patrash to their home. He was was and was spending very happy days and lived with them. Daniel said he wanted to be an animal doctor in future.
I thought he was very gentle boy. We stopped walking after 30 minutes.

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