Monday, 18 September 2017


Ohagi is one the Japanese traditional sweets. It is a sticky rice ball covered by red bean paste. Red bean paste is made from Azuki, which is believed to be to shut unhappiness away. In Higan, an important opportunity to appreciate our ancestors, people visit their family graves and hold a memorial service by offering flowers, incense and Ohagi. Nowadays, people enjoy Ohagi all year round.

How to make
Rice 1cup
Glutinous rice 1cup
Water 1and a half cup
Sugar 3tbs
Boiled Azuki 400g
Roasted soybean flour 30g
Sugar 3tbs

1, Wash the rice and Glutinous rice. Mix them in a bowl and soak in the water over 30min. Steam them.
2, Put Boiled Azuki in a pot, and mash them. Put it over a fire, knead them.
3,Put steam rice and sugar in a bowl, and smash them. After cool down, make 12 rice bolls.
4, Cover 6 rice bolls with Azuki bean paste and 6 rice bolls with mixed Roasted soybean flour.

My grand mother used to makes Ohagi for me. To be honest Ohagi is not my cup of tea, however my grand mother hand made Ohagi was really lovely sweets for me.