Friday, 29 September 2017

A musically inspired postcard

Dear Jim,

Hi, I'm in China now. I'm writing this postcard on a beach with a beautiful red sky on my back.

My holiday started in Thailand. I met traditional people and they show me a dance. their clothes were beautiful too. After that I rode a long boat through the villages. It made me calm & I could feel the nature.

Next day, I flew to Beijing, China. At night, people were singing & dancing in the city!! I was shocked. I saw kung-fu too. I learned a little bit, but it was too difficult for me. There were a lot of children, and their movement was amazing and so cool! You should do it some time.

The day after, I drove around beijing and the other big cities. The food was delicious and the people were so kind.

The guide man told me that there is a famous alien museum in Beijing, so I'll go there after I finish writing this.

I couldn't have enough time time to go more, but this trip was fantastic! I want to come here again and you should definitely come.

See you.


Written under FCE-style time pressure, after hearing 6 short instrumental/vocal chunks of music & challenged to draw what came to mind immediately. Writing from the picture announced afterwards, otherwise it instruct the free-range of ideas. Inspiration chunks courtesy of Bjork/Anoushka, The Reverand Black Grape, Mark Knopfler, Clannad, Carolina Chocolate Drops, - and if I could access my own iTunes library on my home PC I'd tell you the other one! Tomoro has never been to China or Thailand, except in my classroom!

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