Monday, 2 October 2017

My favorite photo ーreunion partyー

One of my favorite photos is one that I took with my elementary school classmates and our teacher.

The photo was taken on 17th September in 2017.We asked an other people to take our photos,when our reunion party was over near Matsumoto station.

We have had a reunion party every 3years since 1997,when we were 18years old.The time we can spend together is very valuable because everyone lives in different places.

I love this photos because the reunion party was very fun.We talked about our work,family,relationships,and many different things about our lives.Then my teacher gave us some good life advice.Finally,we promised to meet again three years later,and we took a photo together outside.

I think that we don't forget childhood memories even if we become adults.I have the photo on my phone and on my album with other photos of my childhood.