Monday, 9 October 2017

A Christmal Carol - Bob Cartchit's diary

Today was a Christmas Eve. It was cold and quiet day as past years. Mr. Scrooge looked unhappy and crosses. So it was too cold to work in office as every past year.

His nephew Fred came to the office today to say Merry Christmas to his uncle. But Mr. Scrooge answered to him, “Bah! Humbug! “ Fred said “You are too rich to be unhappy.” But he was not hurt. He said “Christmas is just a time when you spend too much, when you found yourself a year older and not an hour richer, when you have to pay your bills.”

I really hope Mr. Scrooge will be changed. But it would never happen for him. Even if such a thing happens all over the world it will not happen to him. Fred invited Mr. Scrooge to his house in Christmas dinner. He said that he wanted and asked nothing of Mr. Scrooge. But Mr. Scrooge didn’t answer to his nephew, I thought sorry for both of them.

Our little son Tiny Tim looked badly. I am so worried about him. But today, our sweet daughter Martha comes back. We are so happy to see her. We had a happiest time tonight. And we really appreciate God and Mr. Scrooge. My wife wants to say something different, but I think we have to say thank you for Mr. Scrooge. Anyway his money paid for today’s dinner. God bless Mr. Scrooge too.

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