Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Hallowe'en - if we must!

No, we don't really 'do' Hallowe'en at Luna apart from as a theme for younger learners. Why would we?! The school is British - be just as weird if we started celebrating Yom Kippur or Eid, Diwali or Bastille Day!

Actually, when I first started trying to talk about cultural stuff with students - pre-internet & all that, even Christmas was not really a big deal (with a lot of my friends back in the day expected to work on Dec 25th...maybe still true for some?). One of my students was so freaked out that a group of gaijin were outside her house singing on Dec 24th, she called the police.

So why the recent big deal about Hallowe'en? A shopping invention, and no more. OK, and a chance to dress up? Can't deny everyone likes to do that...

See how we measure up to the Addams Family in this cool ensemble; our remake of the Monster Mash is spooky; Gloria Gaynor's classic "I will Survive" like you've never seen it before; all of these Things that make you go...Mmm

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