Monday, 30 October 2017

My hobbies - after reading "Alien Alert in Seattle"

I have 2 hobbies. The one is mountain climbing and the other is going to Yamaga's game for give them a boost.

As for the mountain climbing, I started it to get healthy and become strong in physical. The climbing is always quite hard and is needed patience because it takes 4-5 hours to the top of a mountain. I always wanted to give up the climbing, but the landscapes/supernatural of mountain were very very beautiful even if it's not sunny day and I have never seen similar landscapes depends on weather and climbing time. It's one of my motivation for mountain climbing. A climbing with colleagues and former bosses is my another motivation. Talking with them is fun for me. I usually climb 3-4 times every season.

As for going to Yamaga's game, I firstly watched their game in March 2012. The cheering made me excited and as soon as I went home after seeing 1st game for me, I saw YouTube to know Yamaga's chants and past games and many articles to know the team history. Yamaga's team style which plays very tough and hard, touches me emotionally regardless of game's score. Through the Yamaga's games, I felt happiness, sad, angry, frustration etc, but I learn that it is most important not to give up. I think Yamaga's game would be a good education for children. I usually go to Yamaga's game at homeground "Alwin" every 2 weeks and sometimes cheer for Yamaga's team at opposing team's ground with some friends who became friendly at Alwin.