Thursday, 5 October 2017

Jane Eyre - A female writer from the Meiji era

Ichiyo Higuchi is a first female author in Meiji era in Japan. Her portrait is printed on 5000 yen bill.

She was born in March in 1872 in Tokyo Uchisaiwaicho—now Chiyoda-ku. She had two sisters and two brothers, and she was the second daughter. When she was a girl her father was rich. She loved reading. When she was seven she finished reading old long stories. Her father educated her to school and other private cram school. But her mother thought girls did not need education. She stopped school.

In 1888 the eldest brother died, next year her father died. She became a head of householder. Her father left a big debt, her family lived poverty. She did some jobs, cram school assistant, needle works, small shop master and so on.

Around in 1890 she tried to be a novelist. To earn a living as a novelist she apprenticed to Tosui Nakarai famous novelist.

In 1895 she published “Takekurabe”. It received high praise. She continued to publish “Nigorie” “Juusanya”. She became a popular writer. She suffered from tuberculosis. She died in November in 1896. She was 24.

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