Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Local super star takes part in his first training session at AC Milan - a mock newspaper article

The marvelous football player of the local football team Yamaga joined AC Milan last weekend. The hard training session was in Milan, Italy.

Akira Kawasaki started to play football, when he was the elementary school student, but he couldn't join and football teams, because he grew up in a poor family. However he has continued playing soccer. He loved it and being an international football player was his dream. After he graduated high school, he was scouted by the head coach of the Yamaga. He joined the team as a forward. His plays were remarkable.

One day, 5 years since he has joined Yamaga, he was found by a scout of AC Milan. The Yamaga supporters and people in Matsumoto city blessed and encouraged him. Finally he went across the sea. He just arrived in Milan last weekend, and yesterday his first session in the team started. He said "My dream has come true, but it has just started. I will never stop my step for my dream".

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