Monday, 13 August 2018

Northanger Abbey - famous writers from Japan

The popular Japanese writer is Keigo Higashino, Miyuki Miyabe, Jun Ikeido, etc. I like their novels. Their novels are very interesting and are easy to read. There is a writer called Haruki Murakami in Japan. Before, his novels “Norwegian wood” became the bestseller. And he won Franz Kafka Prize as an Asian for the first time. He became the most likely candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature every year. He is very famous and popular in Japan. He is known in abroad too. His enthusiastic fan is called Harukist. I have read only “Norwegian Wood” and “Kafka on the Shore”. However, I was not able to enjoy the novels that much. I was hard to finish reading it. Many people love his novels and read. And he is a man with talent as he became Nobel Prize in Literature Candidate every year. But I am no good at reading his novels. I don’t seem to have literal ability.

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