Tuesday, 30 April 2019

C. W. Nicol - After reading of England

A famous English person is living in Nagano. He is Clive William Nicol and is called as “C.W.Nicol” in Japan. In the nineteen-eighties, he loved beautiful woodland of Japan, but was despaired the cutting of old growth forests in Japan to make golf courses and ski slopes etc.
With a shocked eye at Afan Argoed Forest Park in Glamorganshire, South Wales, he started his activity to come back the woodland to life with healthy diversity. Light reaches the ground, trees are good bearer, flowers blooms, insects come, bird species increase, 29 endangered species are kept in his owned “Afan forest”. He doesn’t do this activity to earn money, and he is showing natural life forms and eco-tourism which is income-producing sightseeing without destroying any woodland. By repeating this successful activity, we can keep woodland in the future.
From now, I will tell you what he saw at Afan Argoed Forest Park. In 1985, he got a notice from a scientist of employ of the Welsh country and he asked what species of Japanese trees would flourish in the ground and climate of South Wales to make a Japanese woodland park inside his employed park. Nicol surprised that request because he knew in his early experience that that area was covered with slag and the river was black with coal dust and pollutants. When he returned to Wales, he was very shocked that the valley was green with trees and the river flowed clear water by big efforts of the local people and some organizations.
By this good shock, he decided to come back the woodland in Japan to life with healthy diversity. He loves the beautiful woodland in Wales and United Kingdom and Afan Argoed Forest Park in Wales and Afan Forest in Nagano are sharing their experiences and challenges each other to keep forest.

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