Monday, 8 July 2019

My best place and time for homework

I can concentrate on homework in my living room.  In daytime, it is noisy and disorganized because my daughter plays there.  However, the room becomes the best place for homework in the morning before she gets up around 6:30 and in the night after she goes to bed around 21:00 as it is very silent.  Coffee comforts me in the morning and hot milk make me relaxed in the night.  I cannot make a big noise not to wake my daughter up, so I have to be careful.

Sometimes, I fall asleep while putting her to sleep without taking bath.  In this case, I have to take bath in the morning and cannot secure sufficient time for myself.  Even if I do not fall asleep, I sometimes spend time to check online news.  I hope my daughter can go to bed by herself soon and I try to minimize the screen time to spend my time effectively.

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