Friday, 3 April 2020

Digital enlightenment : graded reader + YouTube classic movie compared

Thank-you very much for The 39 Steps! I enjoyed it!

Honestly speaking it was the first time for me to see a movie via YouTube... I have been in digital darkness really...

I watched it with my husband's tablet and it's always off the sound but I didn't know how to be on. So I watched it without any words as I had thought that I couldn't catch the natural English speed anyway...
But I realized that it was no sense to watch it without the words and stopped the YouTube and managed to make the sound on somehow. It was so much fun to see the video with the words and sound of course :-)

The story was quite different (from the OUP Bookworm graded reader) but Hannay was rather charming like 007 and I like the romance with the teacher of the girls school.
It's a good way to review the story and I enjoyed that thanks!

From Sayuri, self-isolating 

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