Saturday, 4 August 2007

Airport time

Jim sensei twisting my internet arm to contribute to a bolg...glog...grog..oh yeah! a blog. First time blogger (really) long time friend of Jim. Missing Matsumoto as it was the very best place to live in Japan. Lucky to have had a chance to visit last October and do the onsen tour with your blogger host. Many baths and many beers later...on the train back to Tokyo and a long flight home.

Inside yet another airport today (Tampa, Florida) and trying out blogging for the first time. Will contribute photo if I ever join the 21st century and buy a digital camera. Actually got a new cell phone with camera, but haven't tried the darn thing yet. Don't camera phones steal your soul when they take your picture?

Florida is a beautiful place if you've never been and even if you have. Trying to find a job and move down here. If any of you have Florida contacts, please let me know. If you are Chicago-bound, let me know that too. Time to catch my flight!