Sunday, 5 August 2007


I’m sorry for my late reply, but please find my writing homework as follows. I still couldn’t understand why the author chooses “DR STRANGELOVE” as a title.

What do you think is the main message of the book? Do you think it is still important today?

I think what the book wants to say is “don’t rely on the machine too much”, because there is no prefect machine. In the end, our real(not prefect) human are making and using the Machine.
I also think that the message is more important today, because we can do everything by PC and internet. E.g. shopping, cashing drawer, dealings on the stock exchange and etc
The cyber terrorist may be able to control the computer at Pentagon (United States Department of Defense) by hacking.
Finally, I think that “the Doomsday IT” is more appropriate than “the Doomsday Machine” in these modern days.


jim said...

Check out the classic movie

that's even older than me! Peter Sellers plays just about everybody in the cast - but Slim Pickens has the immortal line!

Koa, you're absolutely right about IT. Which is rather prescient from an IT engineer!

Unknown said...

Dear Jim-sensei,
Thank you for your comment and URL. This movie was shown in Japan on 6 Oct. 1964? I was 1-year-old.