Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Borrowers

Hi Jim sensei,
This is our homework which we were told to write here.
I’ve waited until someone writes first, because I’m too shy to write it.
But at last, I’ll write it so that volcano Jim wouldn’t erupt. :-p

Write about the book for a friend. Tell the story. What did you like about it? What did you not like?

This book is a story of adventure of some small people called “Borrowers”.
Borrowers are very small people living in human being's houses secretly, who often borrows something from the house, but they are very innocent people.
One day, a human being family Lenders, who were living in nice old house, came to have to move to another house because of a plot of a lawyer Mr. Potter.
Arrietty Clock, who was one of Borrowers living in Lender’s house, found that plot and fought against Mr. Potter together with other many Borrowers. Finally, they won and exposed that plot.

It’s happy end.
It’s interesting. I feel glad because bad man was caught.
One strange point,
I couldn't understand why the borrower’s car is faster than human being’s, even though they have special road under the ground.