Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PANSIG people 2011

Plural plenariesColin squeezes one offAMs moving inOUP Michiko setting upPublishers setting upSched checking
PANSIG 2011 this wayHow long will it take?Tim Murphey arrives PANSIGGuess who saw the cameraAMs ready for PANSIGersCo-ordinating the video guys
SIG centralSIGs hereYou are in the right placeOUP Colin & MichikoMust be a good signQueue here pls
Thank youOn the busesSteve Brown is hereStarting ordersI declare this PANSIG openPansig audience on hold

PANSIG people 2011, a set on Flickr.

About 250 teachers from all over the country (and some from further afield) made a pilgrimmage to Matsumoto last weekend (May 21-2) to attend the annual PANSIG Conference, hosted this year by Shinshu JALT. That is a remarkable turn out, made even more remarkable by the fact that the number of Japanese JHS & HS teachers attending could be counted on one hand.

It is obvious that everyone had a very positive experience in Matsumoto as well as at the conference. Of course! It's such a super setting!

The quality of the presentations was uniformly high (apart from mine, perhaps) and big audiences attended the Plenary sessions.

I was delighted to meet a lot of familiar faces, and to make some new friends & acquaintances. I did not get to see as many presentations as I wanted to, concentrating instead on some photography. I realised I need to improve my low light/flash skills.

For everyone involved in organising the event, it was a massive weekend and a great relief that everything seemed to go smoothly. Certainly everyone left looking as cheerful as they had arrived.

In all, a thoroughly rewarding and professional weekend.