Thursday, 26 May 2011

Book review - T School Basketball Club

Bastketball Vicksburg, MSImage via Wikipedia
I found this book deeply inspiring as well as very thought-provoking. And it is truly original.

This story is set in Tokyo. It is about a weak school basketball club which changes by experiencing many hardships. The main character whose name is Youichi used to be in a different school and was in the basketball club, but he got bullied by his team mates because he was a very good player. He was extremely hurt and he stopped playing basketball and went to a different. He meets some people from the basketball club and gets invited to join them. At first, he didn’t want to, but in the end he said “okay”, and they cultivate their friendship in this story.

I have no reservations about this book.

In the story it tells you how fabulous it is to have lots of friends and how important it is to have them. I really recommend this story.

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