Friday, 27 May 2011


The Great Wall of China at MutianyuImage via Wikipedia
“The only man made structure which you can see from space.”

I think that the Great Wall of China is an amazing structure .This structure is more than two thousand seven hundred kilometers in length. It was made to protect the Chinese people from the nomadic people. It is made with huge rocks. There are over five thousand seven hundred platforms for lighting signal fires. In 1987 the Great Wall of China was registered as a world heritage. 

I have been to this place about three times and I think it is stunning, you can see the structure all the way to the
next mountain, you can’t see the end of it and the sight is amazingly beautiful. There are lots of tourists.

The only frustrating thing is that the inhabitants are taking the pieces of the wall to make their houses or to sell it to the tourists so the Great Wall is starting to disappear. 

I think that you should go and visit this place.

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