Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chocolate - after reading

I've read "Chocolate" and I chose after reading #4.

Do you agree or disagree with these sentences? Why?
1. People in western contries eat too much chocolate now.
    ->I don't think so. I think chocolate is more popular in around the world now, of course Japan also.
2. It is fine for children to eat chocolate sometimes.
    ->It is not good for children to eat a lot of chocolate because they will get fat, but I think that they eat it a few pieces are OK.
3. Chocolate needs to be a lot more expensive. Then the workers on the plantations can get more money.
    ->I disagree this comments because if the chocolate will be more expecsive, it is difficult for people who  are not rich to buy it easily and it will become to reduce cacao demands. Finally the workers will lost their workplace.
4. People must stop selling chocolate that is not Fairtrade chocolate.
    -> I agree. We should know the workers in plantation are faced some problems. I think if people can understand what is the fairtrade (especially developed countries people) the world would be more peaceful.

During I'm reading I wanna eat chocolate!! I was surprised that chocolate has been eaten or drinked since three thousand years ago. I'd like to try their chocolate drink. I think that is quite different taste between current chocolate. The ancient people and present people love chocolate. The chocolate has a power to attract people and some people become be addicted to chocolate! Oh, I found chocolate in my hands!!!!!
Next month, the girl have to buy or make a chocolate to present boys in order to show their love. I disagree this culture since I cannot make sweets. Anyway enjoy eat chocolate :)

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