Friday, 8 February 2013

Ear-rings from Frankfurt - police interview (after reading)

                              On Saturday Richard went to the police about the 'eggs' letter.

Richard: I have something to tell you about the Joe Kelly
Police: Joe Kelly? Go on, Mr Walton, we're listening.
Richard: He's got some stolen jewellery and-
Police: And you and your girlfriend went to Frankfurt to get the jewellery for him, didn't you, Mr Walton?
Richard: Yes, we did, but the German police asked us to bring it back. They had a plan---.
Police: Plan? We don't know anything about at plan, but we want this jewellery. Where is it, Mr Walton?
Richard: it's in Kelly's house, in three egg boxes, and --
Police: How do you know it's in Kelly's house?
Richard: Because I saw a letter in his office. And he's meeting some people at his house at eleven o'clock.
Police: Eleven o'clock? Right. You wait here, Mr Walton. We'll talk to you later.

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