Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to use Quizlet? Look no further than Sandy Millin

A lot of people ask me what the point of twitter is. Very simply, I have met teachers worldwide and learned so much from them, as a result of twitter, that I really can't imagine not using it. I love finding stuff, and the remarkable (ever growing) like-minded teachers I come across on twitter are constantly coming up with great ideas, games, tips, flops, success stories, inspiration...and sharing them.

My students know I love Quizlet. A lot of them need a lot of help 'getting' it. Imagine my unconfined delight when I was pointed to this unbeatable explanation by @sandymillin  As I read, I was nodding like mad muttering Yes, Yes, Yes! Please follow this link to Quizlet explained. When you are finished, remember we have created a TON of materials for Luna's students (and therefor the planet as well) as "LunaTeacher". Sign up, join our classes, and enjoy learning even more.

On twitter, Jim is @oyajimbo. Luna International is @lunaIntnl