Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Love of a King - after reading

I read " The Love of a King" and I did after reading #1.

'Edward, Mr Baldwin has just been to see me'

'And what did he say to you, George? '
'He said that you cannot marry Mrs Simpson. '
'Why can't I ? Is it a crime to want to marry ?'
'Don't be stupid. Of course it's not a crime. But the Church won't have this woman as the Queen.' 
'Don't call her "this woman" - her name 's Wallis. I'm going to marry her, and I'll give the crown to you.'
'But I don't want it ! It's your job to be King, not mine ! I've never wanted to be King.'
'But someone has to be King, George. And it will have to be you because I can't live without Wallis, or without love.'
'Love ! You must put your country before love ! If you marry her, I never want to see you again. '
'But you will come to my wedding, won't you, George? '
'No, I won't. I don't like that woman, and I don't want to see her as your wife.'

I have never heard this story before. I am envious of Edward and Wallis, because they could meet each other and got real love. I hope so, too.

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