Monday, 22 April 2013

Jim's training courses

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UMS certification, NagoyaUMS certification, NagoyaUMS examiners benchmarkingUMS examiners assessingUMS examiner JUMS examiner JJ
UMS examiner HUMS examiner NPracticing assessing - hot seatPracticing in pairsPracticing with KETThanks girls - YLE volunteers

Jim's training courses, a set on Flickr.

Since the end of February I have run several examiner training sessions in Tokyo, as well as examiner certification/professional development workshops there and in Nagoya. This is hard work for all concerned, as you can probably see?

Thought it would help students to see that they are not the only ones having to study, do homework, have to worry about getting their answers 'wrong' etc!

We are always very grateful for our examiners' time - these examining commitments do occupy whole weekends. We also thoroughly enjoy the professional challenge of continuing to make these workshops effective, relevant and interesting...teachers are not easy people to teach!

As you can see, we have been lucky to practice with some volunteers as well. This makes the examiners realise how important and difficult the actual examining taks can be, and the candidates can get over their stage fright & have a free practice go. Thank you Trevor at King's Road for your continuing loyal support, help, & encouragement!

Thank you everyone who has attended these workshops lately, and all the travelling you have had to do as well. We are looking forward to having you examine soon - some will be in action as soon as June 8th, when FCE/First will be happening in both Tokyo & Nagoya.

The next training session will be taking place on July 20th in Yamagata city, for Young Learners; certification next day (also in Yamagata) for YLE as well as KET & PET.

There will be a training sessions at Sugiyama University in Nagoya for KET & PET on July 27 or 28. Details soon.

Jim will be presenting to Hamamatsu JALT, about the Cambridge English examinations, on May 12th. Racking up the miles!

Via Flickr:
Jim is one of very few Cambridge English examiner trainers in Japan. A chance to meet the people he works with when he isn't at Luna at the weekends!